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My Minings is a privately held PTC (paid-to-click) advertising network based in Anguilla, United Arab Emirates with active Representatives and members all over the world. Its Mission is to develop and provide innovative products that create financial opportunities for both advertisers and users. The goal – Be the future of advertising!

At the same time, members get paid to view and share video ads and more, as well as get exclusive access to the most amazing deals – only available on My Minings. Combining the power of the World Wide Web with the time-tested strength of word-of-mouth marketing, My Minings has become a leader in the advertising and leisure industry.

From link sharing across major social networks like Facebook, twitter, Google – to sharing via the web and email, My Minings ensures that there are more ways for its members to make money on the platform than they can imagine.You don't just make money on My Minings; you also make the most of it!

The inspiration for My Minings came from the founder Max Smith, who envisioned a company that would combine the power of the Internet with direct selling to do provide a truly innovative platform whereby members are Guaranteed Daily Earnings, with the fastest withdrawal options. Confidently boasting a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, My Minings is gradually providing lasting opportunities for both advertisers and publishers on its platform – with services ranging from customized software solutions, affordable travel deals to cutting-edge e-commerce solutions

We offer software solutions that foster innovation within your organization – From end-to-end distribution to Comprehensive business software designs. Eliminate complexity and unlock growth with software solutions from My Minings - Easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Plugin to our amazing travel deals. Get affordable travel packages at the most amazing prices. See the world without breaking the bank – no matter where your dreams may lead, we will take you there.

Exclusive to members, we offer cutting edge e-commerce solutions. From setting up your store & shopping cart to Payment modules, we've got you covered. And what more? Our flexible ecommerce framework allows clients to pick and choose modules that best fit their business.

Customer Care
Our agents are, and have always been our greatest asset, they are eager to assist you every step of the way. We've combined great people with great technology and that means a satisfying and pleasant experience for you.

Earning online has never been Easier !! Why not My Minings?

What makes us unique?

My Minings is committed to making a genuine difference in the world—a company with great products and solid business opportunities—whether you are an advertiser or publisher, it's a win-win for all.

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  • Let our software solutions foster innovation within your organization.
  • Plugin to our amazing travel deals at the most amazing prices.
  • Let our e-commerce packages take care of your business for you.

"It fits our needs perfectly. Thanks to My Minings, we've just launched our 5th website! We can't understand how we've been living without My Minings.".

- Antoinette F.